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Author Info

Maurice Le Gardeur was born, raised, and educated in New Orleans, Louisiana. A graduate of Jesuit High School and Tulane University, B.A. (1967) and J.D. (1972), Maurice has spent the last 43 years on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain engaged in a country law practice primarily involving personal injury litigation.

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What Readers are Saying

"The Bard of Boston Street, has created a masterpiece in his new book, Gulf Coast Stimulus Package! His love of life is expressed eloquently in poetry in a funny and irreverent way. He’s urging us to ‘get out there’ – enjoy life and have no regrets. The ‘tickle your tummy’ illustrations by artist Roy Robinson are a perfect fit!" - Bev Church, Executive Editor of St. Charles Avenue Magazine "Here is the best yet from the Bard of Boston Street! Nearly 200 poems to tickle the ribs and warm the heart, illustrated beautifully by Roy Robinson. This is one stimulus package you can’t afford to miss out on!" - Jeremy Dieble, Former Columnist of Offbeat Magazine "Maurice Le Gardeur's irreverent wit combined with Robert Seago's elegant Mardi Gras art, make this Carnival collection lovely to look at and fun to read." - Arthur Hardy, Publisher, Mardi Gras Guide